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QUANTUM CHARACTER: Interview in Lyon, France: 2015

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This video is from an interview that Keith Farquhar produced when I was teaching in Lyon in 2015. The blurb about the workshop dates at the end is obsolete.

In fact I think that this theory is now better articulated by me in my live teaching because we can experiment with the ideas in the studio. Its doesn't sound quite so 'spacey' in a live situation. The ideas were new to me at that time in that I was putting together images from dreams about how we exist. I had recently almost died and so mortality and living were in focus.

Because actors are mostly interested in purpose and truthful representation of characters within given circumstances I have been focusing on how to apply the concepts of behaviour that are the core of Improvisation 'exercises' to that interest. A method of exploring possibilities of performance and relationship are the result.

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